From our eating habits, it already impacts our body in the long run. Avoiding sugary treats and food that are high in cholesterol can definitely send your blood sugar and arteries to a one way ticket to the hospital. Apart from what we eat, its also the habit that we have that affects us. Habits such as smoking and drinking are the kind of examples that do not contribute goodness to our over all physical health. Another factor I want to bring up is “exercise” which is crucial to our physical well-being. The less that we exercise, the more our body atrophy due to the lack of body movements. Believe or not, its similar to our brain! The less that we use it, the more we become forgetful or unable to critically think of our situations.

Being physical affects us mentally because as long as we are moving, our blood is circulating inside our body hence reaching into our brain making us think or imagine or what not. Aging is non-stop process for our body. We tend to grow weaker as years go by, however, without concern with our physical health then I can say that statement is true. Our capacity to do physical activities limits us but with proper exercise, it can all change but while you still can.

Exercise Suggestions?

Whether from running, swimming, or dancing are alls great form of physical activities! Don’t you agree? However, body workout such as calisthenics or body work out help elongate an individual’s physical capacity throughout their lifetime. Within this blog, we are going to approach on how to build upper body strength and strengthen core muscles. There are several ways to approach this matter but I suggest that you try to be consistent and have a healthy balance via not too much nor too lacking. With that being said, lets go for it!

  • Push ups: This is probably the oldest approach on how to bud upper body strength yet its never out of style. Doing 5 sets of 10 for someone who are just starting to build their upper body strength, I suggest that once you get used to the amount of push-ups, try to increase your mount. Better yet, after doing 1 set, try to increase your amount with an extra 3-5 reps of push-ups. Imagine doing 10, then 15, then 20 and so forth. That sounds like a lot of pain in the arse? but trust me, it will pay off. Doing variations helps with building muscles on different parts of the body.
  • Planks: This helps build core muscles and also strengthen your upper body. If you are a beginner to this, please, begin with the 30 seconds to 1 minute because planks are merciless sons of bitches. When you become comfortable, then it would be best to raise the time limit. 2 minutes would be an ideal time to do planks. Secondly, doing side planks on both sides help you burn your lower back fat. It’s difficult but it also builds muscle on that area because its being critically targeted.
  • Pull ups: As mentioned above, push-ups are the most classic approach on building upper body strength. However, we may have a contender against the oldest champion of them all and that is, Pull ups! Doing 5 sets of 10 pull ups as a start would be ideal when starting to build upper body strength without weights. If you are looking for a durable and reliable pull up bar, I recommend THIS! Once you become accustomed with your pull up routine, I suggest that you increase your sets every week, if you are consistent. If you would like to take your time, sure, that is fine as well but the key point here is that you increase your resistance once you feel comfortable at your own feet. Growth is an essential part, don’t get stuck in one place. 


    Apart from being active, rest is an important factor of building upper body strength. Without rest, We would

    be susceptible to injury, it may be chronic or temporary but its better not to be injured at all. Resting in between days to allow your body to recuperate will help you absorb the shocks of the previous strenuous exercises.

    My approach is that I do my physical routines for 2 days spending an hour of doing body work out. After I give myself a rest for a day then resume again with my physical routine. You can use that approach or system for your goal. But it all varies, you can be as creative as much as you like!

    Staying focus

    Mental clarity is important for one’s own sake for achieving a personal goal. Every day, we go through so many thoughts that we process and some of them requires decision makings. Should I work out or should i just devote my energy to making sweet cookies and gain calories and carbs? tough thought cookie eh?

    Again, its all up to the individual depending on how motivated and hungry they are to become closer to their goal. You definitely have to give up certain things that sometimes may struck your heart out broken. It’s not the same but its for the better, you tell that to yourself! It’s easy to lose track of one progress for certain numbers of reasons

    • Excuses: the epitome of resistance to do what thy will! excuses had contributed nothing but painful wishful thinking of “I wish I could’ve started long time ago” agony to an individual. Don’t just read this, go move your ass! just kidding lol.
    • Rewards: Pleasure is one thing that seems to be available at any given time or moment without needing to find a lamp to rub out a genie to come out and grants you all your desires. You can go to your closest bakery or pastry store to go buy yourself a piece of lovely Portuguese egg tarts. Sounds like your set for pleasure island but I’m afraid you’re wrong. Indulging yourself in immediate pleasure gets you hooked to easier tasks than the focus on the main point: your goal. Just like wanting to buy an expensive luxury bag but you got to raise capital first. You got to go toil in hell before you feel the promising presence of heaven. Try to focus on the difficult part before you reward yourself and continue with this method. You shall see a different approach and change in your life style. It’s definitely applicable outside of physical lifestyle as well.
      • Influences: Influences comes from many sources. Primarily it comes from the outside forces that we do not control. For instances, advertisement is one of the most notorious influencer out there which affects us on a subconscious level. I suggest that yo try to maintain control of yourself, specially when one is having an irresistible cravings.

          Keep Going!

          Despite how difficult it may be to keep your health intact, it will help and save you on the long run. From my experience, learning to develop a good habit will not only help with your own goal but it will help you outside of your own goals. Keep your head up high and keep going! its better to start now than to have a wishful thinking that you could’ve started earlier.