Playing certain activities such as sports can be fun but the next day could be a different story. If you were pumping those irons at the gym; definitely you’ll feel those sore ass muscles the next day. But its fine, you’ll live but in pain! So how do I deal with this kind of issue? Well, its no surprise that there’s plenty of solution for that. How about taking Tylenol? You could but we shall settle this in a natural way. The least, pharmaceutical way.

Okay, so I did work out, am I going to Suffer now?

What a silly question. Of course, you’ll be sore! Okay let me explain by science. When you carry heavy weights, your muscles slightly tear in a microscopical level but the pain is the side effect of muscles being repaired. Look at it in a positive way, although you may feel the pain, you are in a process to becoming stronger. However, there are many ways to relieve muscle soreness. In this blog, we shall approach on how to deal with muscle soreness. Also, we shall look at food that relieves with muscle soreness. It won’t be a walk in the park but rest assure that this will alleviate you with current sore situation. 

Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness

Icing/Cold compress: This is one of the most effective way to relieve your muscle soreness. When you injure a part of your body and decided to compress the aching part with Ice. The muscle inside the body start to cool and contract simultaneously. You may feel some kind of twitch around the area due to blood pumping that were clogged for a long time. It also helps with bruises. It’s an instant miracle, for most people. If you have tried it for a long time and has no effect, I recommend that you seek a health professional.

Stretching: One of my favorite hobby, Stretching! yes you do feel less sore after a while or next day. Your muscle contracts thus allowing blood to essentially circulate around the body. Also, stretching the right muscles such as your shoulder blades help you unhunch and straighter posture. Not only it relieves pain but also helps in some other way. Ifyou  interested, you can click here for my stretching guide.

Massages (Acupressure, Deep Tissue, etc): Once in a while its nice to be pampered but if its for Massage helps your body untie the knots in different areas. It allows blood to flow through the rest of the sore area which slowly restore into a normal state. It would definitely vary from the massage therapist on how good the treatment. If you have a serious pain or injury, I suggest seeing a sports health doctor.

If you have phobia for needles, I would suggest the listed approach mentioned above. Accupnture is one of the best way in my opinion, it had helped me throughout my previous injuries and return to my normal state. This method dates back the Ancient Chinese practice of medicine and still being implemented today. It’s definitely a mystery and alien to the western approach.


These are examples of ways to relieve muscle soreness, you can try some of thee and hopefully that either of these approach help and enrich your life a little. Take Care as always, don’t get too caught up in everydayness, try something new.

If you have any comments or thoughts, please leave them below. I would appreciate the effort!