I remember going growing up playing basketball was one of my go to sport or even hobby. Couple of my friends and I would wake up 6am in the morning and would play in the street’s court until of the team win or at least until everyone is tired of playing.

In high school, this was the time, I was curious about myself. Trying to find where my natural inclination resides, I tried several non-academic classes such as Art class, P.E., and home economics class. Unfortunately I was neither good at any of it although I did enjoy it. During that time of my teenage high school years, Black Eyed Peas, Shawn Desman, and other musical artists were often aired on T.V. and I would see them dancing on their music videos. Specially that one song “Don’t Phunk with my heart” got me inspired to move around and dance! As the year for high school was about to start again, I saw in our school curriculum that they are offering a “breaking, popping, and locking class” I’ve decided enroll and not think about it too much.

When the classes started, we had to learn Hiphop and a little bit of contemporary jazz because the teacher was main style of dance was contemporary jazz. It was fun until I tried other segments of dance styles. I tried locking but the wrist rolls felt a little confusing at first and I was never good at the techniques. Secondly, I tried popping but my body felt too stiff unlike some students who understood the feeling of the dance and was natural with it. Lastly, I tried breaking or conventionally known as break dance, at first it seems difficult but I was enjoying it. Making shapes with your body to hold yourself in positions was a challenge but nonetheless, I still enjoyed it. Not only it felt like an exercise but it was something that became close to me. Over time, I took this path and I would practice almost every day for 2 hours.


Looking back at it now, I am Thankful that I’ve decided to continue this path up until to this day. I may have grown older but I’ll keep on grooving and vibing especially when nobody is around lol. Dancing had helped me in many ways, one of them is keeping in shape and another is build up connections with people all over the world! One thing that I find interesting about myself since I started dancing is that I’m an active person and I can’t just sit down all day and submit to idleness.

If you have a hobby that keeps you in shape and enjoy it at the same time, then I think that’s great! Some people may not have discovered “it” yet but stay curious! Who knows, you only become something when you set sail your own curiosity in to the sea of possibilities.

Discipline no longer becomes discipline when you start to enjoy what you do specially when it benefits you one way or the other. You know what I’m saying?