Do you ever find yourself in some days feeling not wanting to do anything? Even if you have some personal obligation but you feel that you just don’t care? I can definitely relate. It’s normal to feel this way but for whatever reason that may stop you from doing what you need to do, it all depends on the choice that we choose. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way and wanting to relax but as soon as you do this continually, this becomes a problem. It becomes a sign of laziness and when not treated, you become engulfed in this idleness then it becomes a habit. So how do you counter this pattern of thinking or habit?

There are several tips that I can suggest that help you deal with this problem. It won’t be easy but I think that your greatest enemy is your mind. You have to learn how to control your will against your mind. Be able to discipline yourself without questioning.

Tip #1

Divide your tasks! Dividing your tasks allows you to be organized and become familiar with an approach corespondent to your obligations. I find that starting tasks, whether if its physical or mental, I would suggest that you deal with the heaviest tasks instead of the lighter ones. This approach gives you a different perspective because when we approach tasks that are easy, there is no sense of challenge, our own capacity to feel motivated to do the rest of our tasks stagnates. However, when you deal with the hardest, it gives you a sense of accomplishment! You feel great and it makes you feel productive. The rest of the tasks wouldn’t be a bother some anymore.

Tip #2

In this period of time we live in, time has been racing at an exhilarating rate which we feel left out. We often complain that “We don’t have enough time!” However, this exact mindset is the one that ruins us all. Whatever task you are engaged in, take your time in order to do the tasks properly. It is better to feel that you had put a lot of effort in what you do rather than having self-doubt about one’s personal project. Take your time and I’m sure that you will see the quality that you had dedicated on what you do.

Tip #3

Planning is an essential approach in dealing with tasks. Without planning and creating schedule for each tasks, it makes oneself feel the they are in some kind of chaos. However, planning helps a lot and makes oneself feel that they are in control. It’s totally up to you how you set up your schedule. I find that sticking to one schedule for a long time can cause boredom and may lose motivation. Be creative with your own approach in regard to dealing with your tasks!

To stay motivated, you have to be persistent on what you do. Though learn to resist idleness but at the same time know how to regulate rest and deal with priorities. I hope this helped you to deal with how you can motivate yourself. These are only several tips but there are more out there.

Thank you for reading,